Sunday, February 03, 2008

"holey" @!#

Friday wasn't a great day. It started off ok,
but as it went on, it just felt odd and
sad and morbid all at the same time. It was,
well, empty - like a big hole in your chest.
Do you ever feel that? Out of nowhere, the strange
feeling just pops out, destroys you and
crushes you and drains out all your energy.
Anyway. Friday night came, and everything became
worse. It was so humid and so quiet that you almost
felt beaten. You tossed and turned, you turned on the
tv and too sad to find out there was nothing happy
on tv. You felt like crying, but there were no tears,
you started thinking why you were feeling that way,
but your mind wouldnt just work and was just blurred.
You thought hard, you closed your eyes and you thought
even harder. You are adorned with almost
everything but why? Why couldnt you sleep? Why do you feel
like an empty can? But all you got was the soft
hush of your air conditioning system. You let out a sigh,
closed your eyes, and talked to the high heavens.
Take this away from me. I know I am not a good person,
but at least please let me sleep tonight...
I am sad and I think I still deserve some good night sleep...

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