Friday, May 30, 2008

Pinoy Titans

This evening, I got my first dose of happy cells. Finally.

And it darn felt so good!

Until now, I am still high on happy hormones. As happiness is a bit scarce lately, what happened tonight was relieving and definitely included in my a-list of happy thoughts.

So what happened?

Team VPR won the first basketball game tonight. And I am so proud of my boys! Good thing I brought my red tambourine and my very promising red and yellow pom-poms. I think i yelled my lungs out during the game together with the girls. But who cares? This is my first hooray after the sad event and I had so much fun.

First hoorays don't happen to most people, maybe they do, but it can hardly be considered as a first hooray. I am glad it did to me and it was real. It felt beautiful. I so wish for another hooray. Maybe... if I can feed myself with so many hoorays, the other stuff may just dissolve and leave me feeling light again. This lightness that I always associated myself too before. Because now, I am so aging with gloominess. I think I sometimes drag myself to something. There is no more the willingness and the energy to do it. I don' t like that. That is why when I watched the game tonight, I had a feeling of lightness once again. It may be because my team won, but more importantly, I experienced a change. No more thinkathon series after work. No TV to entertain you on a boring friday night. But a few hours of cheering for my team... and cheering for myself I guess - for surviving, for staying sane and strong.

It was heavenly. Great balls.

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