Thursday, July 10, 2008

Parallel Parking

I hardly parallel park. It’s intense, it’s crazy, it’s tricky.

Parallel parking requires approximation, which has to be near exact and near perfect -- making it seem like that space is totally meant for your car; like you own that space and that space belongs to you, and to you alone.

So this is why I hardly parallel park.

I barely make a space my own. In addition to this, I find it difficult to recall a time when a certain space is perfect and just right for me.

I sometimes go round and round the streets, wasting my gas, desperately searching for a little space that’s not challenging – a space that won’t demand much from my poor approximation skills.

I get lucky sometimes; I occasionally spot a space nice enough. However, as much as I want to make this space my own, some things get in the way -- things that are difficult to deal with and apparently menacing.

I don’t like that. I need a space that’s just right; that no matter how inexperienced I am in terms of parallel parking, that space still belongs to me and to me alone.

And this is why I hardly parallel park.

I cannot find my own perfect parking space.

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