Friday, August 21, 2009

I Wrote This At 5:25PM Today.

5:25PM --
I went to the port to fetch my dad.
I drove in, searched the sea for that fastcraft ferry he boarded at 4:30pm.
The afternoon sun, probably gazing below the blue ocean, welcomed my searching eyes. It pierced my eyes and went straight to tickle my brain.
It was a blazing shade of orange and yellow, and around it was a splatter of a much lighter yellow. It was beautiful. Very picture perfect I thought.
The sun was preparing to call it a day. It was hovering a few feet above the sea and if I were inside a boat, I think I could reach it and burn myself.
I parked.

5:50PM --
What on earth.
I've been a sitting duck here for more than 20 minutes.
The ferry's delayed.

I thought I witnessed the port transformed from high definition bright blue to grainy gray with a tinge of orange...
The sun was setting, preparing to hide under the mountains across the ocean, while thick gray clouds get ready to embrace it and tuck it in for the night.

No sight of the ferry.
If the sun could only melt humans, I'd probably be halfway liquid by now.

I can see the ferry now from where I have parked.
I thought of you dear one. I long for the time to pick you up, here at the port. Instead of driving you here.
I thought of the setting sun. It's probably having a washroom break now and getting ready to rise to your side of the world in a few minutes.

The ferry docked.
Good evening everyone and good morning dear one. Here goes your sun.
It already set on mine.

Now my sky, from bright blinding blue, has turned to become pale and gray...
I cannot see the sun anymore, it's hidden somewhere beneath the clouds and well,
probably peering into your room.

*** cheesy

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