Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Crazy Thought!

A famous quote goes something like, "Live in the present, not in the past nor in the future".


We talk about our future most of the time. We dream about it. And yes, we hope it's the future already. We are giddy excited! The future would be our realtime. We count days like how kids do when they wait for Christmas morning!

So are we living in the future? Don't we practice what Bo Sanchez once said, "Live in your 'Now'"?

I think we are the exception to the rule. hehe. We may be on our future dreamboat now, but every single day, we embrace what the day has to offer for us.

We dare say, "bring it on!" or "let's go!" to the most difficult hours at work! We live and breathe the new day. We ask, "How's your day so far?" and from there, we learn and discover new things about our lives and about each other.

Plus, it's the new day that makes us closer to the dream. :D

Yes, it's the future that we focus on. It's like saving up for the future or making a business plan for 2011! Hihi!

So check, we live in the present! (but with a super minute, almost-impossible-to-see, tick on future, hehe!)

Good night p e o p l e ! :)

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