Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Little Drama Over Here!

It isn't healthy to feed yourself on "what-might-have-beens" -- the regrets and guilty feelings from the past.

Because they will drag you down and you won't be able to go anywhere.

Nothing is extra more important than today. Because today gives you all the chances in this world to make your future beautiful :)

I think I should tell this to myself too. Heheh. I think I should really try to forgive. As Nelson Mandela said on the movie, "Invictus", "Forgiveness liberates the soul". So I should really try.

Not that my soul is so depressed and trapped, but from time to time, there are a few snippets of that past that I don't like seeing in my head. It's probably because I felt paralyzed before -- not brave enough to see the real truth; not wise enough to realize; but blind enough to tolerate it and convince myself that 'that' is happiness.

It was a great gift from the Almighty to wake me up and feed my guts with courage then. But this time, I should be brave to just let the black past go. No need to state out the reasons, no need to relive them, no need to broadcast them either.

"There is no point of going back especially when you didn't leave anything behind."

IN my heart, I know I should just shake it off and be the supreme queen that I have always been. I owe it to myself :)

Things happen in our lives because of so many so many reasons. Sometimes, we don't see them right away; sometimes it would take a whole revolution of the earth; or sometimes, the reasons have always been there -- we just don't see them yet.

So for those ancient regrets and long overdue guilty feelings you have, i think it's about time to just let them be. THere's nothing more you can do about them after all.

Let's smile, the world loves us :)

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