Saturday, March 12, 2011

Things I Thought Of While Cocoy's Asleep

1. He is at his cutest when he's asleep. Big plump cheeks, and those long eyelashes. Plus, when you smell him, he smells like baby powder. I want to squeeze him when he's sleeping but of course I always stop myself. (putting cocoy to sleep is a tedious job, so no-no)

2. I tried that Olay Day Cream -- our san jose cashier was using it and she was very blooming (in short, i got insecure, hehe), so i asked her if she was applying something on her face. "Mam, olay day cream po". THe next day, my sisters and I got one each for ourselves. The day after that, I used it, but hoh boy, I got mad rashes after. So okay... Good bye olay.

3. Today is saturday, but it didn't feel like a weekend. It felt like Monday. I think my weekend starts on a Sunday. So Yey, Sunday na bukas!

4. I am still 'high' on the romantic comedy flick, "Leap Year" (2010). I am kind of undecided whether the film's story is realistic or not. So let's see... The story's about a woman who was planning to propose to her boyfriend because he didn't propose to her but only to fall for someone (her guide to Dublin) she's only met for less than 24 hours (come on, as adorable as Goode, who wouldnt?). Can this happen? Well, I've fallen for someone I met online, so I guess this IS realistic. :-) and this really happens. Film directors and writers just have that innate knack on melting the audience's hearts. They give you the picture you want to see -- that happily ever after kind of picture, that falling in love is easy, etc etc. Oh well, all i know is this movie's a hit for me. Now i want to go to Ireland. hehehe.

5. Our lonesome male dog died a few days ago. His name was Sharp (yep, like the brand). Sharp is part Labrador, part Mongrel (askal!). He used to be matipuno. If I'm not mistaken, he was born seven years ago. Anyway, he died. He was sick, he's got scabbies even though he bathed everyday. Did I get sad? When my mom said, he was dead, yes, I felt sad. Wala na tuloy maingay dito sa bahay. Plus, kulang na sila. Because of that, I gave my good ole GSD, jet, some milk this afternoon. She's getting old too. She's about 42 years old now, if she's human.

6. Ate Jo and Randall are in the US now. Ang tuhray ng mag-asawa. haha. I can't wait to see their pictures. And that's why Cocoy's been bunking in with us for the past six days already. Hehe.

7. This is my favorite time of day. Russ and I call this, "tibi time" - a time when we can just watch TV all night and not worry about anything at all, except on which show to watch first :) I like the Home and Health channel. I like their "Human Stories" show -- all different stories about survival and grief among others. Russell likes to watch MMK and Pilipinas Got Talent. In fact, he's more updated than me when it comes to new Pinoy shows, i.e. "Mutya". hehe. As much as possible, I try to veer away from MMK -- the stories scare me. MMK is known for their stories about heartaches and griefs, and I'm not so prepared to spend my saturday night feeling very ill. :)

8. I check facebook before my email. And I love reading status. Some are corny quotes (which can be funny for being corny), some are pinoy cheesy quotes (goosebumps all over), and some are the most mundane things in this world (madami 'to). FB statuses are interesting :)

9. It's American Idol again. Season 10. And I got my bets already: Guy with funny coats, Paul Mcdonalds, the Filipina Thia, the nerdy Casey, and that pretty girl Pia. I sometimes do not get how J.Lo judges. "You look great, amazing, i love you, you know i love you". Ah eh?

10. Cocoy would ask me, "Tita ninang ja, ang basa dyan?" (showing me his transformers pillow). I'd say, "AU-TO-BOTS" (pointing my finger per syllable). Now when you ask him, "Cocoy, anong basa dyan?" He'd say, "AU TO BOTSSSS!" The little guy can now read! And when he sees letters in bold red, he'd say, VPR MARKETING! (very good! hehe)

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