Saturday, October 13, 2007

26 is a huge number!

Happy Birthday to me!

As a birthday treat, I read my Libra horoscope on PDI. You see, I stopped reading horoscopes and relating them to my life years ago. I realized I didn't need horoscopes anymore to make me feel better. So I stopped reading.

But I guess old habits are just so hard to eradicate (?) from one's system. So here goes my birthday horoscope:

YOU BORN TODAY: You understand the human condition and use satire to comment on it. You're direct, even blunt if need be. (You can be tough.) Many of you have strong technical skills for something. You set high standards for yourself and drive yourself to achieve your goals. The year ahead could involve a major change, perhaps as significant as something that happened around 1999.

Something that happened around '99? I was a freshie in Miriam back then...

Dumdidum didum.

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