Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Got A New Cherva.

I recently purchased a Sony Cybershot Camera. It's a big buy especially for someone like me who's kind of scared spending big for a hobby.

But I am very much loving my new camera. It's HD and it has so many features that my old Lumix doesn't have. I love the speed shooting feature because it makes me capture super real shots! There are also some technical features but I am no professional photographer so I can hardly understand them ( apertures, etc. :D).

This will really make me busy in my spare time. I have no extra curricular activity and I am kind of bored with my daily routine, so this one will truly perk me up!

(though I gotta admit, it's a bit harsh on my pocket).

I have taken some photos. I am so loving the picture quality. Look oh!

All wrinkled up.

I love the way the camera creates texture making the picture more alive. Every detail clear.

Jollibee is for bagets.

SpongeBob upclose.

There are still so many techniques and features buried inside this little piece of machinery and I have the entire night to at least scratch its surface I think.


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