Monday, October 13, 2008


22... 23.... 24.... 25... 26..... 27!

Great oddballs.

Time does fly fast. But hoh noh, there is absolulely no room here for regrets, just high dosages of happy pills.

Ika nga ni Banana, "You should be dancing, cartwheels all around. You're 27 and still alive!" Hahahah.

I guess that's what will I be doing tonight! DANCE and DRINK and CELEBRATE!

Happy Birthday Janice M. Marasigan!!!

Bente Siete ka na!!! Let's put our hopes up this year!!!!! And I promise to do better!

Let's just go go go, love, love, love, live, live, live!!!!

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Jovan said...

Happy Birthday, Janice! :)