Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Self Centered Entry.

(DISCLAIMER: Sorry guys, I had to be more self centered today. I wrote this for 'memory-keeping' purposes.)

Christmas is early. I made a scarf out of eight or nine balls of green yarn and then sent it to the one of the coldest countries up north. I would love to knit a pair of gloves too, but knitting one would require A LOT of knitting skills and more than youtube as your teacher. Hihi. But yes, knitting the scarf was a very fun experience. It became more fun when you finally got to wear it around your neck. Yey!

Christmas is early. I got dopi! And it's LOADED! Hihi! It's got Dolores, Cranberries, OSTs from my favorite flicks, Jason Mraz!, Moonpools, Bon Jovi and moree! Yey! And dopi's got my favorite TVJ movie, "Working Boys". Woohoooo!!! =)

Happy Christmas everyone! (I wish for a very nice weather this December).

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