Thursday, November 04, 2010

Few things!

Hi Blog,

I celebrated my 29th birthday twenty-two days ago. I was re-reading my previous posts and I was all amazed then at turning twenty-five!

Anyway, I won't go wasting my precious internet hours babbling about how time flies so fast. I think I have been reciting this like a mantra already. However, may I add here that turning a year older gives me one good realization too.

I think I have outgrown a few things.

Disclaimer: Don't go looking for deep realizations here, most of the things I have outgrown are shallow and very personal! hehehe!

"Few things" Number 1. I don't feel like wearing my favorite brands of clothes anymore. Nor do I ever enter their shops and fit and pose and buy! I suddenly realize I have lots of those already, and I would love to be in clothes that are more.... well.. "womanly". Like what my sister said, "Me too, those clothes are for college girls". I guess gone are the days when friends and I drool over those cute, flimsy, girly outfits and wish we have high paying jobs to buy them all! :)

In Relation to "Few Things" Number 1,
I am now near to being an extremely devout shopper of the department stores! :) Not only they are more affordable, they have more choices too and they go on sale most of the time!!! Me go crazy!

"Few Things" Number 2. I am seven or ten years older than most of the people I am working with. Are they thinking the way I was thinking back then? "Ang tanda ng 29!" Heheheh! :)

"Few Things" Number 3. Well, I've realized this a long time already. But, let me say this again and again, over and over. I've realized, you wouldnt be two hundred percent happy if not for the love from your fiance, from your family and from your sinister friends. Well, you should be happy on your own, in your own very personal style, but to celebrate that happiness and double it, you gotta have "them" and "him" around. That's the beauty of everything in this world. So call yourself lucky and happy if you have love from those people :)

"Few Things" Number 4. I love of Jo-Insung from the now defunct korean series, "Non-stop". He's seen on so many movies and "koreanovelas" too. There are a LOT of korean heartthrobs now. They're from boybands with so many members you can hardly remember their faces! But for me, si Jo-Insung pa rin ang pinakaguapo sa kanilang lahat! :) (peace sign insert here!)

"Few Things" Number 5. I now have a new love flavor for cakes, "strawberry". Wait for me strawberry shortcake :)

O diba, these things are very shallow. Well, they're me :)

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