Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Say Yes to Whim!

Letter to the void...

It's December tomorrow already. I love how time plays tricks on us. When we don't want things to end, we'd wish time would slow down a bit, or freeze the moment even. When we're excited about something, looking forward to the most exciting thing, we'd wish we can fast forward time and bring us to "there". We're funny, we're funny people.

Universe, together with the most perfect time, has given me a beautiful chance. I thought I would never have something like it, but I guess, God intervened, helped the Universe to pinch me and make my head turn.

There would be times when you don't want to slow down and instead settle for what you have -- settled for something that's unlikely to be truly happy. I almost did. But, like I said, Universe would always come to the rescue and give you another chance. However, it would be all up to you if you would give chance a chance.

Yes, time does play tricks on me and on you. We go crazy over time. But without it, I don't think we can have these beautiful chances.

I thank chance for bumping into me... It's really one of the few exciting Janice experiences. Me love it a lot :)

It's about time, say yes to whim. :)

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