Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Miracle

Always keep your eyes open to little miracles.
They are our automatic mood shifters.

Today, my little miracle is my quilt --
having it hand washed,
by me.
The quilt is almost ten times heavier
when it's wet. or even more?
And to wash it with bare hands can be due to the
following reasons:
1. no washer big enough to load it
2. sense of urgency, the sun's all up today, it'd
dry fast i can actually lie down on it tonight!
3. no more number 3 i think.

so there, i washed it. and no matter how heavy
it got, i didn't complain.
gusto ko siya maramdaman sa balat ko. mukang kumportable.

that same afternoon, it's already dried up :)
immediately, i removed my old bedsheets,
and hello there cozy quilt... :)

this entry may not even have a point,
but i do feel great whenever I lie down on my new quilt.
and what is the better feeling in this world,
than feeling great?
some travel to far places to feel great,
to feel at peace,
to be happy,
and to find who they truly are..

i haven't been to those places before,
but i do know how to get to my destination,

"handwash the quilt".

have a great week everyone. :)

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