Friday, April 06, 2007

American Idol Cherva

The current American Idol contenders, in my opinion, arent as great as the previous season's . I just noticed. I think Melinda and Jordin are the only ones who have potential to win. And I hope they'd win. Although i cannot deny the fact that I am amazed whenever Blake performs.

Even though I love singing bald guys, I cannot really "chew" Phil Stacey. He seems very stiff and frigid for me. He is like singing so great and showing that off to the audience. I don't feel him at all, maybe because he doesnt sing from the heart (unlike my true idol chris daughtry).

I hardly enjoy their performances,but I continue to watch Idol, malay natin mag miracle sila bigla.



Caramba said...

Don't forget Lakisha. :) She's also a good singer. Although I'm rooting for Melinda and Jordin.

I agree re: Phil. Sayang, his voice is really nice, I think he has the best voice sa guys. But he just can't seem to connect to his songs.

jajajanice! said...

correct carambs, phil is so frigid, konting emote man lang sana.

cant wait for tomorrow na!

Jovan said...

Wala. Kahit pa anong mangyari, Sanjaya rules! Hahahahaha! At kapag minalas-malas, baka umabot hanggang finals ang gago!

jajajanice! said...

jovan >> baka hindi ko kayanin pag napasama sa finals si sanjaya park! yikes!