Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pinoy Biz

I must commend Ms. Kristel Fulgar in Maria Flordeluna. Kristel plays Wilma in the series, the evil and envious and selfish stepsister of Flordeluna. Even if she has an angelic face, that doesn't stop her from making Flor's life miserable in the series. Her smirks, and her non-scripted gestures are just too annoying, you want to turn off the television ( but you just can't because you want to know what's gonna happen next).

Her great portrayal of the role will surely give her a big spot in the industry. Galing mo 'neng. I believe I will see you on TV for a very long time.

Watch her every night on ABS, nakakaasar siya super. May mga ganong bata pala. Ke-bata-bata eh, ka-dami-dami na ng kalokohan.

Grover. That's g-r-o-v-e-r-z-k.


Segue to...

I can't bear Regine and Ogie. No explanations needed. I get sick seeing them.


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