Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Celebrity Hate List

Hello y'all.

I gotta admit there are famous people in this world who are just so "pheewww!" pour moi. And here they roll...

1. Wendy and Bruce of PBB (Wendy is my literal descripition of phony and over confident; Bruce, on the other hand, is just.... wala.... he's too artsy fartsy. Wendy is highly contagious.)

2. Piolo Pascual (While a lot of women and men fall for Piolo and are so crazy about him, I, on the other hand, have to disagree with them for reasons that I am not very willing to divulge.)

3. Juday. (Ewan, basta.)

4. Regine Velasquez. (I used to like her, but when rumors started to spread and when she admitted them all, I suddenly disliked her. Matanong lang kita Regine, bakit ka na nagbago? you're not like that before...)

5. Ogie (Because you left Michelle)

That's it pansit. More to come.


jas said...

alam mo ba barkada ko si wendy nung college. she was a funny witty girl, and yes mejo magaspang nga ang ugali nya but i think she was just being frank. ewan ko ba't nagkaganyan na sha ngayon. tumigil na ko manood ng PBB wala naman kase akong sustanshang napupulot.

jajajanice! said...

really jas, wendy's ur friend? pero hindi ko rin mapigil sarili ko e. whenever i see her on tv, automatically, nagdedeklara ako ng giyera sa bahay. anyway, i still watch pbb though. i guess tama ang teorya na kapag may kinaiinisan ka, u still keep on watching her -- maybe to ignite you more or something. tatah!