Sunday, June 10, 2007

What Jajajanice Wants...

In my spare time, or in times when I don't feel like thinking about work or doing some work at all, I think about things, although mundane, that I would love to do.

These things, I believe, would surely perk me up, give me a little sense of adventure and experience and at the same time, be a huge part of my photo collection.

With hundred and one percent of excitement, I give you my random list:

1. I sometimes wonder how teachers give classes now to grade school. Are school projects more complicated now than before? Do grade school students still own a pencil case with a keyboard on top of it? Do they still use and brag about their new "bensia"? What kind of notebooks do they use now-- the ones with anime cartoon characters or the ones with korean novela characters? Do their classrooms still smell like paper and eraser?

-- Because of these silly questions, gusto ko mag-sit in minsan sa mga klase nila. Wala lang, just to observe. Mangyayari pa kaya yun?

2. I want to go hiking or kahit biking lang. I saw this pink bicycle in our local market. It has a basket in front with a little bell too. It isnt the racer type kind of bike, it's a sort of a pa-cute bike, meant for r & r. :-) It's the bike you ride when you want to go to the park or to the nearby town, etc etc.

I want to go hiking because I want to go fishing. I live in an island and yet I haven't gone fishing yet. I want to take a picture of me and PS fishing, catching a fish and cooking that fish "batibot" style. If you dont know the "batibot" style of cooking fish, please leave a comment. Heheh.

3. I want to box. The trainor has been reminding me to register for months now. Basta, Ill box, if not now, next month. Basta, basta. I need some rejuvenation. Charing.

4. I want to travel. Yun lang. Kahit saan, basta makaalis lang. Kailan naman kaya 'yun. Hoh well.

5. I want! I want! I want!

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